Sailing Catamarans:

Owning a Hobie Cat Means More than Owning a Sailboat
Over 100,000 Hobie Cats are sailing around the world in huge hobie fleets and regattas.

Through the social and racing activities of Hobie fleets, members have an opportunity to participate in activities designed to enhance the quality of their recreational time, and to contribute to a spirit of friendship that has graced the sport of Hobie Cat sailing since 1967. Sailors everywhere have come to call this unique affinity "The Hobie Way of Life".

 All of which is precisely what you get with each boat in the Hobie line of fibreglass and rotomoulded sailboats. At Blue Seas we carry the full range of Resort and Racing Catamarans from Hobie Cat.

Rotomoldes Sailboats
Fiberglass Sailboats